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The Day The Crayons Quit

1 - I love these beeswax crayons - they are so vibrant & rich, shaped nicely for little hands (and don't snap), and come in a carrying case. Alternatives include a 24 count of the same crayons, or this master collection from Crayola.

2 - My First Big Book Of Coloring - This is a great early coloring book with big chunky illustrations of a lot of things young kids love. For older kids, the Boys and Girls doodle books are fun and include interactive prompts rather than just outlines.

3 - The Day The Crayons Quit - I basically stalk kids waiting to gift this until they are old enough to enjoy this book and always hope they don't already have it so I can be the one to turn folks on to it (not that it's some secret, it was a massive NYT Bestseller and instant classic and all ; ) The conceit (crayons complaining to their owner about how and how much they are used) is original and super clever, and the crayon drawings are beyond charming, Most kids love coloring, love imagining their beloved things coming to life, and get a kick out of this book's brand of humor.

All of my links are affiliate links - it's how I pay for the La Croix I consume while blogging ; )

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