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Interstellar Cinderella

1- I love this real pink toolset - it's not a toy, but a gift a little one can grow into, or use under careful supervision with a parent. Especially fun for a kid with a handy parent. Green Toys also makes a cute toy toolset in colors that coordinate nicely with this bundle, as an alternative.

2- How cute is this pink rocket backpack? It's also a perfect tie-in with the story - Cinderella wears a jet pack to zoom around and fix spaceships in the book!

3 - Interstellar Cinderella is an awesome twist on the traditional Cinderella story, set in outer space with a Cinderella who dreams of fixing the galaxy's rockets. In this cleverly rhyming re-telling accompanied by richly colored, fantastical illustrations, Cinderella is capable, brave, dedicated, true to herself, and in no need of rescuing- instead she identifies a great opportunity to team up with the Prince.

All of my links are affiliate links - it's how I pay for the La Croix I consume while blogging ; )

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