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A Nest Is Noisy

I am in love with this whole book series from Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long. They are a magical combination of fascinating non-fiction with gorgeous calligraphed, poetic text interludes and stunning botanical illustrations. They foster so much wonder at the natural world around us, and would be enjoyable for such a wide age range (you could show just the illustrations and read headings to younger kids, while going into the in-depth explorations of different unusual animals' nests with older ones.) Some of the Amazon reviews are from adults who bought these books as coffee table books for themselves, and I totally get it!

This would be great for a Spring birthday, or even as a colorful addition to an educational Easter basket. Two pairing options here, probably for different kids: Learning Resources' nest sorting toys are fun for toddlers learning colors, but also make great imaginative play pieces for older kids who enjoy figurines (either my almost 2 year old or my 4 1/2 year old would play with this toy, just differently.) For preschoolers or young school aged kids, the Cuckoo Nest building game is so much fun with this theme.

1 - A Nest Is Noisy

2 - Learning Resources Birds In A Nest Sorting Set - $21.50

3 - Haba Go Cuckoo Nest Building Game - $19.98

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