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Pirate Boy

1) Pirate Boy by Even Bunting - there are so many pirate books in the marketplace, but many of them aren't particularly literary ; ) This one is tender and beautifully illustrated, with a similar format to classics like Runaway Bunny and Mama Do You Love Me. From the publisher: "What if I want to be a pirate and sail away on a pirate ship?" Danny asks his mom. She will be sad; but if Danny doesn't like it and wants to go home, she will come to the rescue, even if she has to ride on a dolphin, battle sea monsters, and wield a bottle of pirate-shrinking spray to do it! Young readers will love this adventurous and ultimately reassuring tale of a mother's love."

2) Pair it with this wooden pirate themed balancing boat toy from Imagination Generation. There is plenty of tacky plastic pirate crap out there, this is a nice alternative!

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