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After The Fall

After The Fall by Dan Santat gift idea paired with Humpty Dumpty balancing toy from Amazon Prime

After The Fall is a multiple award-winning book from a bestselling and beloved picture book creator (Dan Santat is behind The Adventures Of Beekle as well as many other high quality picture books). It's written as an epilogue to the classic nursery rhyme, following Humpty Dumpty as he tries to summon the courage to get back up after his great fall. The illustrations are stunning, and the book is exciting and inspiring - highly recommended!

What luck that the colors tie in so well with this wood Humpty Dumpty toy from Begin Again, a company that I generally love! One thing I love about this toy is that you can use it with very little kids just to tinker and build up fine motor skills, but there are more layers of optional rules that can be incorporated for older kids involving equations with the numbers on the pieces.

This pair makes a great gift for a kid of any age!

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