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Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

1 - Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) by Keith Negley is a bold, stylish, and simple picture book for younger kids that shows a wide range of tough, masculine archetypes (pirates, superheroes, ninjas, wrestlers, bikers, astronauts, etc) openly expressing a variety of raw emotions (grief, loss, disappointment, guilt, fear, etc). It ends with a really tender father-son moment (two tough guys who love each other very much), and the endpapers have really cute vignettes of the father and son playing at the various roles in the book. My two year old boy *loves* this book, and I feel great about indulging him in all of the tough guys he loves with the greater point that all of them experience setbacks and they aren't afraid to be vulnerable at times.

2 - My 2 year old boy is obsessed with these types of foam swords. They make a fun tie in since they are vaguely themed with different 'tough guy' personas from the book.

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