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Press Here

A spare design, a clever conceit, and endless entertainment! Press Here lives up to all the hype, much of which centered around the power of a picture book to be truly interactive and deeply engaging even in an age of apps aimed at toddlers. This book is fun for a wide range of ages, from kids just learning their colors to school aged kids who can follow all of the commands with ease. You will press, shake, tap and blow your way through this one again and again and if you're like me you won't get tired of it. I was stuck on good pairings for this one for a while - the illustrations are mostly primary colored dots, which didn't immediately bring anything to my mind, until I thought markers! Dot markers are kind of a craft world unto themselves- they are ubiquitous at preschools and in many households because they're less messy than paint, easy for little hands to hold, and a great way to get a start making bold marks and patterns. Amazon doesn't sell a primary colors only set, if you are a stickler for presentation amd coordination though, you might only gift the primary colors from this set :) Mix it up is another book from Tullet in this series, also interactive and this time about color mixing. These colored bath tablets are the perfect companion- they make bath time fun and entertaining, and teach about color mixing at the same time. This is one of my favorite gift ideas, and would be enjoyed by young toddlers up through young school aged kids.

~Like all links in this blog, the above are Amazon affiliate links~

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