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Lady Pancake And Sir French Toast

1 - Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast - This is a super fun romp through a fantasy fridge- a race through chili lagoon and a bean avalanche- to the last drops of syrup. The rhyming text is clever amd the illustrations are so bold and fun.

2- This spatula set looks cute with the book, and kids of all ages love spatulas and other kitchen utensils, whether or not they are really using them to cook. These would be such a hot ticket in my household, and I love that the set comes with one little mini spatula for the kiddo 3 - A pancake pen would be such a fun family gift to give with this book - even if the parents never get to this level, kids love having pancakes in basic shapes like hearts or letters. There are also other options with built in mixing balls, so you don't even have a bowl to wash.

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