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A Unicorn Named Sparkle

This book was an unexpected treat- I got it for my daughter because she is in a troop who named themselves the Sparkle Unicorns (or the Rainbow Sparkle Unicorns, depending on who you ask: ), and the title was too perfect to pass up. All I was expecting was a fun reaction to getting a nook with the words sparkle and unicorn in the title, but weve ended up talking about the message of this book as much as any other book we have, even ones I sought out specifically for their messages. The book is all about handling yourself with grace when reality doesn't align with your expectations or visions- a lesson that young kids amd parents alike do well to revisit ; ) It pairs perfectly with these play cupcakes (which factor prominently in the story). In addition to being cute, they are shape and color sorting toys.

And Skip Hop has a whole line of adorable Unicorn stuff in their Zoo line - from backpacks, insulated lunch boxes, and rolling luggage to water bottles.

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