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Some Bugs

I love nonfiction books for young kids, but the ones that really scream "nonfiction" (full of factoids, with photos instead of art illustrations) just don't feel like bedtime stories to me. That's why I love books like Some Bugs (and the whole gorgeous An Egg Is / A Nest Is / A Butterfly Is etc series by Dianna Hutts Aston).

This would be so cute paired with a little observational bug catcher - my preschool daughter spends her spring and summer afternoons catching roly poly bugs & snails, feeding them leaves, and reluctantly letting them go at the end of the day. We take her catcher on family trips, to see what different kinds of fauna we can observe in all of our new locations. And we also end up using it as a little carrying case for toys- she will throw crayons etc in there to take to a friend's house - it's super easy and comfy for her to carry, open and close.

This combo would make a great gift for a Summer birthday!

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