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Hug Machine

1- Hug Machine- There is nothing the hug machine won't hug! Little ones are learning to calibrate their affection - sometimes they want to hug inanimate objects or perfect strangers; other times they deny dear old Grandma the hug she wants to badly. This book captures that phase perfectly, with bold, slightly kooky watercolor illustrations, sly humor, and a story about going big or going home.

2 - Melissa & Doug Mailbox - My 4 1/2 year old and not quite 2 year old both love this toy. For him, there is a sorting / puzzle component (each postcard only fits in a specific slot), and for her, a it's a fun set of make believe accessories. It coordinates well with this book since it looks so much like the mailbox the Hug Machine goes for on the cover (also featured inside the book.)

All of my links are affiliate links - it's how I keep my hugging energy high ; )

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