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An Egg Is Quiet

1 - An Egg Is Quiet - Another in Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long's amazing non-fiction series about flora and fauna (amazing because despite being non-fiction, they feature stunning fine art illustrations and text that is both poetic and informational.) See my other bundle about nests here! These books are good for a wide age range too, because you can either just read the headings / interludes, or drill down into some of the more technical stuff about specific egg types.

2 - Janod Egg Pull Toy- Pull toys are great for toddlers who have recently become confident walkers, and this egg themed pull toy also has a color/shape sorting component to add extra interest.

3 - Haba Shakin Eggs - Shake eggs are always great! They are the perfect size and shape for little hands (and the noisemaking component is kind of a fun flip side to compliment An Egg Is Quiet). I love that these are wood.

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