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I love these fort covers - sized to fit on standard card tables. Also available in farm, ocean and castle motifs. 

I knew my 3 y.o. would freak out over this book, but I never expected to find it so charming and clever myself! 

In this sneaky, silly picture book for fans of Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen, an intrepid—but not so clever—space explorer is certain he’s found the only living thing on Mars

A beautiful picture book for sharing, inspired by the life of the first African American woman to travel in space, Mae Jemison.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was the first to spend an entire year in space! Discover his awe-inspiring journey in this fascinating picture book memoir that takes readers from Scott’s childhood as an average student to his record-breaking year among the stars.

I love this rocket ship hooded towel

A very inspiring picture book biography of Carl Sagan. 

A great rocket gift for little ones! Hair washing aid / bath water toy

A heartwarming picture book inspired by the true story about the power of the small, from bestselling author and retired NASA astronaut Commander Mark Kelly.

I like Green Toys stuff a lot for the little ones (babies and toddlers). 

With lively rhyming language and a feast of stars, planets, comets, moons, and other celestial bodies, this an interactive journey of imagination and science where you get to pilot a plastic rocket that is embedded in the book.

A wealth of craft ideas will have children folding, cutting, constructing, and customizing wildly imaginative projects. Make a "spacescape" collage, alien desk buddy, and other "out of this world" creations

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