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You can't go wrong with a set of Legos! For ages 7 - 12 or slightly younger kids with help. Pair with some cool dino non-fiction. 

These Skip Hop backpacks are great. They come in many animals and each has tons of coordinating accessories (water bottles, lunch boxes, etc). 

These dino truck toys are way higher quality than the show tie-in ones, and don't make obnoxious noises! 

This is such a sweet, funny read-aloud. A favorite of our whole family! 

This is part of a really funny series that also includes Dinosaur Vs. Mommy, The Library, School and more! 

Another one that's part of a sucessful series - a "journey of discovery" great for older kids. 

I knew my 3 y.o. would freak out over this book, but I never expected to find it so charming and clever myself! 

Part of a series that includes Tea Rex, Camp Rex, and Santa Rex, by the author of the Flora And The...series. 

This one is part of a series too! The others are Alpha Block, Counta Block, Builda Block, etc. They are all so well designed and great for young kids. 

I love these sustainable wood dino skeleton puzzles! Everything this company makes is good, and this comes in several dino types. 

Great read-aloud for baby dino lovers! 

Rhyming text+ paper collage illustrations is a winning non-fiction combo 

A picture book biography of one of the most famous fossil-hunters of all time! Great for little girl dino lovers. 

A delightfully absurd exploration of the domestic uses of dinosaurs (good substitute can opener, in a pinch : ) 

Everything Mo Willems writes is hilarious and this is no exception! 

This is an illustrated (in b&w) chapter book for beginning readers or to read-aloud to younger kids about a girl whose wish for a pet Brontosaurus backfires 

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