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Hi, I'm Kate

I'm the mom of two young kids.

I go to kids birthday parties like it's my job.

Stopping at Target on the way to parties is the worst...but

I never plan far enough ahead for gifts or holidays.

I want to give thoughtful gifts, and I hate tacky plastic crap.

I started hoarding Amazon Prime gift ideas on

private Pinterest boards, and then realized that I should just

share them through a blog instead. 

A little bit about the gifts I try to include: 

  • I am not a stickler for age ranges (unless there are safety considerations of course).  Almost every toy and book we own are enjoyed, if in different ways, by both my toddler and my preschooler.  Parents can always read highlights or talk about pictures in a more in-depth book until younger kids can sit through the whole thing, and sometimes kids aren't quite ready for a toy when they receive it but it becomes their favorite thing ever a few months later.  This isn't an exact science so don't sweat it! 

  • I try to find stuff that isn't obnoxiously, overwhelmingly gendered.  Sure, some of these bundles seem more traditionally girly or boyish, but most of them are just bright fun colors with universally appealing themes. 

  • I avoid noisy electronic toys.  Almost none of these toys require batteries, which is intentional.  If they do require batteries, it's noted, and I think it's such a thoughtful extra touch to include batteries with your gift! 

  • I love giving "real stuff" vs play versions.  Some of my kids' favorite gifts have been real (but mini) food grade cooking utensils and kitchenware, broom and dust pans, tools, etc.  

  • Almost all of the books included are ones that have been in heavy rotation in our household.  Not only are they well reviewed, but neither my kids nor I have gotten bored or irritated with them yet! Your mileage may vary ; ) 

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